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Bauhaus CapitalPartners is a global financial advisory and investment management firm that rendersand coordinates a set of comprehensive financial advisory services designed tobring the best possible value and terms for our clients who desire to improveperformance, expand, fund projects, raise growth capital, sell their businessor other investment and financial needs.

Founded in 2008, at the height of the renewableenergy boom, our firm has retained its focus and expertise in this industrywhile diversifying into adjacent sectors such as traditional energy projects and services, hydroelectric, Oil & Gas upstream and downstream, thermoelectric, information technology, healthcare, financial services, mining, ports and rail, real estate, business services, business hotels, agribusiness, food and water, waste management, industry and manufacturing, consumer goods and distribution.

What we do

Bauhaus Capital Partners is a full service financial advisory and investment management firm operating in the middle market for developers, companies and investors and specific to the new energy and power, infrastructure, technology, traditional energy markets as well as real estate on a global scale. The firm  typically works with private companies, private placements (PIPE) or public private partnerships (PPP) and stand-alone projects requiring funding of in the range of 10M € to 150M € and targeted to a variety of investors with different profiles ranging from independent power providers, industry actors and institutional investors through to Venture Capital, Private Equity, Infrastructure Funds and Family Office companies.
The capital markets are highly competitive, with many players. Finding the right investment advisor partner, achieving the highest value for your company or getting the best terms in the marketplace requires the skill and experience that come from consistent market presence and a record of successful transactions.

Unique pre-evaluation process

Bauhaus Capital Partners’ core strength is its intense focus on understanding clients' businesses and shaping financing opportunities to reflect their companies' strengths and the ever-changing priorities of the capital markets. We are deeply involved with our clients' businesses. That means that every decision we make reflects the shared interests of our firm and yours.

Before Bauhaus Capital Partners takes on any assignment, a thorough review and analysis is realized on the proposed transaction not just to conclude on its feasibility, but to benchmark the readiness and state of the proposed financial requirements, structure, risk/return targets, etc. These results are returned to each client in a complementary proprietary BCP Service Framework© proposal which in essence goes through the same first level process that equity investors and lenders carry out in determining whether a project or company is an attractive investment proposal and will be successful in its financial aspirations. This process determines exactly what advisory and management work is required, further development and/or corrections are needed. These are outlined in the document and proposed solutions are detailed and budgeted in it. It is only then that Bauhaus Capital Partners takes on an engagement with the client.  

It is a well-known empirical fact that only one in every hundred investment proposals come to closing of the transaction (Sand Hill Road Econometrics, Cambridge Associates Ventures Index). The reason for this is that the business plan, investment proposal, risk management and the documentation and structure on which it is founded is not developed according to the objectives and requirements of investors in Private Equity or Venture Capital. This exercise is very different from what is provided internally by the financial department as Corporate Finance, but with whom we work very closely, and requires a specialist such as BCP. The proprietary BCP Service Framework© assures that embarking on the investment decision will be a successful one.

Key points of difference

For some adivisors, your business is just another "deal." When you engage Bauhaus Capital Partners, you gain an ally that will support you through every stage of the financing process - and an investor partner. Our resourceful team will sit around the conference room table with you and drill down on your project to develop the best strategy. And Bauhaus Capital Partners will continue adding value to your business even after the financing is complete, providing valuable insight and hands-on support as your company continues to grow.


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